Five for Friday

Friday, May 23, 2014
It's that time again! 
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Today was our last day with the kids! It was so great getting to have my kiddos from last year, this year. I sure am going to miss them next year! I even got flowers from one:)

I made the leap into becoming a paying member of Teacher Pay Teachers. I love making products and having people use them in their own rooms. It sure makes me feel good about the products I make!
from Graphics from the Pond
I am thinking about starting a Linky Party on Tuesdays called Techy Tuesdays! People could post about anything technology! What do you think?!
Funny Workplace Ecard: I'm all caught up! Said no teacher ever.
Is it just me or do you all feel like you are already behind for next year!? We are going to have about five more kids than we are use to next year in each of our rooms. We are going to be exhausted! I want to be prepared so I am ready for the challenge! 

I am so happy the sunshine is here to stay for a while! What a beautiful day we are having today! The perfect Friday to be done with school! Hooray!

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