Five for Friday!

It's that time again!
Cassondra, a whole bunch of other teachers, and I are doing the Color Blaze 5k tomorrow! I made a tutu to wear, and I CANNOT WAIT!  I just want to wear it all the time. Tutus are so fun! Another teacher friend of mine made a cute bow to wear too! It's just like being in cheerleading again with a fun skirt and a bow:)

 I am spending the summer with my little Willy and Toby! My pups are my fave!

I am taking two classes this summer toward my Master's in Elementary Curriculum and Technology. I love love love my technology class! I have got to discover several new sites that would be awesome to use in the classroom. I will be sharing these during
my new weekly (I'm trying anyways!) anything classroom technology related linky party! The assignments for the class are actually fun! After this summer, I will only have three more classes!
Cassondra has been working on . So far she is really enjoying learning about guided math. This was just chapter one, so check it out to keep up on this great math resource. I just don't have the patience to read the books, so Cass does that and tells me all about it! There is also a giveaway entry at the bottom of each post! 
Boy oh boy am I glad it is summer!


  1. I'm excited about your Techy Tuesday posts! I am a classroom tech freak and I'm always looking for ways to improve what I'm doing with kids. BTW, I'm your newest follower!

  2. Oh I am so glad!! I can't wait to tell about some of the new technology I want to use in my classroom, and to see what others use!


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