Five For Friday!

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Hooray! It's Friday!
This was our last week of summer school! I was able to get to know the upcoming first graders. Those teachers are going to LOVE this group! Not even my second graders sit quietly while I am busy working with other students. I was so amazed with how engaged they were when I wasn't even around! 
I began organizing my closets after summer school was over. I can't wait to get finished! lol I get so ADD when I am organizing my room. I start in one closet, then end up jumping to something totally different. It just snowballs from there! Anyone else like that!?
I went from tearing all of this out of the cabinet, clearly art supplies, to this...
organizing my books. They aren't even connected a bit! One thing just led to another. I don't even know how! I could sure use some of my students to help me organize this mess thought!
This little monster likes to dig holes...Luckily this one was easy to sweep back in. Some of the others are not so easy.  Look at that face. He knows he is in trouble!!I get so angry when he digs but he is just so cute!
This week I have made two new Teachers Pay Teachers products for my store! I am avoiding my Action Research project, and doing a good job of it! 
Check it out here!
These are simple addition and subtraction word problem task cards. There are twenty cards and it has two answer sheets. One is for the full twenty, and the other is for student or teacher's choice of ten!
Bee quick to check this one out!
It's on sale today!
The Bee themed spelling practice is based on a points system! Students have to earn at least twenty points by doing various activities worth 5,10, or 15 points. It also has activity sheets to go along with many of the activities. The spelling activities can also be done on regular notebook paper so it is great for homework or group time!

Last week was my birthday! My husband did an awesome job this year, a bouquet of gift cards to my FAVORITE places! In the can is also Slim-Jims and Laffy Taffy(strawberry and grape only)! I can't wait to go shopping to spend my cards! Gift cards always burn a hole in my pocket! I was so proud of him for putting it all together all by himself! It looked really good!

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