Techy Tuesday: ABCYA

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Do you use We LOVE it at our school! This site has so many games that provide meaningful practice of skills! It also has just fun games too of course. 

When you get to, there is no log in. Everything is free and available to anyone who would like to use it! There is a grade tree right on the front page so you can choose which grade level activities will be the best for your students. Students can easily navigate this site. 
Once you choose your grade level, the activities are sorted by subject. They all go in the same order and have the same background color between all grades! This is great because students will be able to identify which topic they are in. Reading/Language Arts games are in orange. They are the first ones in the list.
This is for second grade.
Students can practice sight words, keyboarding, and read stories. The activities are differentiated for each grade level. My favorite part of ABCYA is the math section. It has more games than the picture below shows. Students love playing these games and are getting real practice. Many of the adding and subtracting games provide manipulatives for students to actually work out the problems!
The more section provides the games that are more just for fun, they do throw calendar skills, health skills and mapping skills in the mix though! Many grade levels will also have their geometry activities in the more section.
There is also a holiday section where students can make gingerbread houses, carve pumpkins, and search for Easter eggs. I love getting on this site! I find that most of the time, students choose to get on the educational games anyway!
What sites do you use in class?


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