Five for Friday!

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Summer break is winding down, but my life is not only about to be crazy with back to school! We are closing on our new home loan on Monday and they will be able to get started!! WOO-HOO! I can't wait until something starts happening at our property! 
Here is my house, yeah I know a little plain now, but wait until it gets some paint;) We will have a basement also! I cannot wait to have my housewarming party to show it off! We try to show it off now, but since it is just weeds and grass, the showing off is short.
Next week starts the BEST county fair in Indiana! If you are anywhere around Jackson County you won't want to miss the fair! There is amazing food, fun games and rides, all kinds of animals, and awesome booths to sign up for giveaways and get free pens!(Who doesn't LOVE free pens!?!) I even get to be a judge at the Spelling Bee this year! 

I worked in my classroom yesterday for a loooonng time. It is still a little messy, but I made a huge dent in my mess! My closets will be organized finally!! I took a break from organizing and put some fun boarder on my bulletin board from last week! I love how it looks! I found another piece of fabric with the same shapes, but just a different color! I am so excited to use fabric this year! I still need to get a piece for my board in the hall. 
I have been hard at work on figuring out my math groups for this year. Have you ever heard of BUILD? I think I am going to try it! You can learn about it by clicking the word build. I am in the middle of creating a guided math pack to go along with BUILD. I am HOPING to have it done and in a binder by Monday so I can tell you all about it!!


  1. I can't wait to see the finished bulletin board!! It looks cute so far!


    1. Thanks! I can't wait to get it done either:)

  2. Exciting news on your home! We're currently searching for a new home ourselves! We're relocating back "home" after about 7 years. It so exciting and stressful all at the same time!
    LOVE your bulletin board and color scheme!! What did you use for the crinkly pink?
    I'll have to check out BUILD- it's new to me!
    Selling the Sizzle

    1. The pink paper is just the big bulleten board paper cut into strips and wrinkled up! I'm gonna do a post about it Monday;) Good luck in your home search! I'm sure you will find JUST what you are looking for!


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