Techy Tuesday- Spelling City

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
 Have you heard of This is a free or paid site where students can practice spelling words! We use it whole group on the Promethean Board or individually on their iPad app!

When you get to Spelling City, you will want to create an account. My account is a free account, so I will be telling you about all the free things you can do with the site.  When you log in your screen will look like the one above. You will want to click Create a New List. There you will be asked to enter the words you want to work on. Then you can create your own sentences or use the ones provided with your words. Then the fun part comes!
You will see your list. There are all kinds of options at the top to work with. 
Spelling test: It gives the students the words and sentences that you have provided. They will type the word in the box. 
Teach Me:  Teach me teaches the words to the class. This is when we read the words, clap, snap, cheer, whatever them out. To start it, you just have to click on the words in your list!
Play a Game: There are a few options for free members for games to play. 
My class LOVES Hang Mouse. The animations are too cute! If you have a paid membership, the options of games gets bigger and bigger! There is sooo much you can do! There are a few worksheets the free membership lets you print, such as the handwriting and alphabetize. 
If you type your words in ahead of time, students won't have to wait on you to get them up, like my poor kids do. They are able to access your personal lists from their home computer or the iPads. 


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