Five for Friday

As you are reading this, I am back at school! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to give you my   Five for Friday!
If you have been following me long, you know we are building a new house! We got our building permit and are ready to go! Woo Hoo!! We are building along a major highway, so to get our water and electric to the house, they are going under the road. This is going to cause a mess for our poor neighbors! I have been a busy wife making cookies and brownies to help make up for it.

I sure am going to miss hanging out with these two crazy guys all day. They make me laugh, make me angry and make me feel happy all at once. They will be excited to see me because I feed them dinner after school!

I was a helper at The Primary Gal's Blogger Boot Camp last week! There was soo much great information from building your blog to using ShortStack! If you are around Southern Indiana and have just begun blogging, this is the place to be! She is giving another session August 16 in Seymour, Indiana. You should totally check it out!!
Brittany, Amanda, and me!

I have been working on prepping my interactive notebooks. I want to get an example one ready so I know what to expect and so do my kiddos! I can't wait to integrate these into my math groups! My friend Angie Olson of Mrs. Olson's Lucky Little Learners is my go to for Interactive Notebooks! 

Even though I am sitting in meetings all day, it's still Friday! Woo Hoo!

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  1. Hello, I definitely know how you feel about being in a new house build. We are currently at the end of Week 4 in our kitchen remodel. As I type this there are seven people here trying to get it all done since today was the final release date (and they start losing money if it's not finished!).

    I like the idea of a Blogger Bootcamp. What a great way to connect to the community around you in the real world!


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