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Behavior Management: Lego Style

This month has been SOMETHING else! For one of my kiddos, my current behavior management system was failing. It was failing me and the whole class. The time had come to rethink my behavior plan of this student.

Kids love LEGOs!
So I rolled with it!
I used Velcro Dots to attach the stand to the wall!
I wrote down all the subjects that we do through the day. (My original plan was every 30 minutes, but thanks to {The Primary Gal's} suggestion, I don't have to worry about time!) For each subject she has a good attitude(or handles her attitude correctly), gets her work finished (or at least shows real effort), a LEGO is earned. 
She made a book and a bed for the LEGO man!
There are 10 legos to earn. If one is not earned, she has to earn the next TWO pieces. Then she gets the lost piece back.
Awards and Consequences
Each block is a minute of free time on the iPad. If less than seven (out of ten) blocks are earned, then the student gets extra homework.
The student provided the LEGOs and even though this was our first week using them, I think this plan is going to get us through May! Next week, we are going to start building new things with the blocks. I will still use the labeled ones for myself to keep track, but she will be earning blocks that are more fun and that she can actually create models with. Her mom gets credit for creating the stand for her desk.
Command Strips! Genius right!?


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