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Google Forms for Assessments

     Google Forms: Y'all, it's the real deal! I recently got Google Educator Certified {Level 2}, the training for both levels is truly amazing. I learned so many new things that I can't wait to use in my classroom. One of new MVT (most valuable tools) is Google Forms. My class does {Must Do/May Do } groups, an idea from my friend over at Peppy Zesty Teacherista. My favorite "must do" for my kiddos is on Google Forms.
What it is:
We use Google Classroom for basically everything. It makes things easy for the kids to keep track of, and so easy for me to also keep track of. Best part is, NO LOST PAGES! I use Google Classroom (GC) to push out all the activities. 
Students watch a video that I have downloaded and placed on the drive. Then they go to the Form to take the quiz over the video. The form GRADES the quiz for me, as long as it is multiple choice. From there, I can get graphs and data to tell me what students need to work on which skills from the quiz! It. is. AMAZING. 

This is the student view in Google Classroom. They have to watch the video (downloaded from YouTube) and then do the Form at the top labeled "{All About Bats.}" (By clicking the "All About Bats" link, you will be taken to a COPY of the form my students are using this week! It will show you the questions, allow you to change the questions, and you can view your responses along with the graphs!)

Want to make your own Google Form? Click {here} for step by step directions!


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