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How to Make Scrunchy Border

So I had been seeing these cute borders on soooo many bulletin board pictures on Pinterest. I couldn't wait to get to school and try it! I was pretty successful!!  It took a lot more paper than I thought, it actually isn't even done because I ran out of paper! I'm going to get some more and finish it on Monday. 


Here is how to make that scrunchy border:
First you need some bulletin board paper. I used what I took down from an old bulletin board! Then you can cut it in to strips that are a little wider than what you would want your border to be.

Second Wad up your strip. That's right, just wad it up! You know, like the kids do before they basketball toss that beautiful worksheet you worked so hard to make and copy into the recycle bin! I felt like making the paper wrinkly already made it much easier to work with. The paper had been up on my board all last school year and may have been a little stiff, but I think it helped!

Third You will want to straighten out your "basketball" before you staple the top of the piece to the board. Now you will start to pinch and staple!

It is kind of like a fan fold, but on your board! You will pinch it together and staple. It doesn't matter how many staples you put in because the next scrunch will hide them!

It takes a lot longer than you think it will. I used the whole pink sheet from the picture above and only got half the board done. Scrunching isn't hard, just a longer process.

In the beginning I was making it too small... too close together. To fix it, I added another, thinner pink strip along the side and it blends right in! So don't freak out if it isn't as think as you wanted! You can always fix it. Making the scrunchy boarder took me a few times of scrunching before I got the hang of it! 

Now it's your turn! I would LOVE to see a picture of your scrunchy border! 


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    1. It really is easy!! Thanks for checking it out:)

  2. I've done this with crepe paper which is the perfect width and you can get a roll for a $1 at the dollar store or Walmart. It scrunches perfectly and is super easy to use.

    1. Hey! Great idea Judy! Thanks for sharing! I never even thought of that!

  3. I'm afraid mine would just look like a bunch of wadded up paper but yours is fantastic! And it's a great way to reuse the old bulletin board paper!

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    1. Well thanks Donna!! I bet yours would look better than you think. I am NOT crafty at all!


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