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Measurement Olympics

We have been measuring like crazy in second grade! Students have measured everything from their shoes, to cabinets, to backpacks! *disclosure: I used my phone to edit my pictures (so they may suck) and create this post(so it doesn't have the links I would like)...without Internet in the new house I'm going a little crazy!
The kids are really loving this chapter! We decided it was time for our school to host the Measurment Olympics! Amy Lemons has an awesome measuring pack and blog post that led to this event. 
I gathered up the rulers, sidewalk chalk, and Cass had the cotton balls! We all headed outside! Students had to estimate first, of course, how far the cotton ball would go when doing specific acts to it. The acts were: kick it, flick it, toss it, blow it, push it, and free style.   Then they got to do it! 
They used the sidewalk chalk to draw the line from their feet to where the cottonball landed. They had so much fun with it! 
Everyone was really into measuring the distance and comparing it to their estimate. 
After that we had them get with a buddy and trace each other. Some of the tracings were pretty interesting!
Then they measured their arms, legs, and height from the drawing. They used a ruler to measure their actual foot and a finger. 
We have been testing( Terra Nova and DIBELS) allllllll week. This gave us a trip out of the classroom and a chance to get some fresh air! It was much needed!  We also took a trip to the fire station and for some ice cream around town. If I tell you all about that now, my thumbs may fall off from texting it! 

Five for Friday! April 10

Hey y'all! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching on this fine Friday to give you my {Five for Friday}!
We FINALLY got to move into the new house!!! 
Who wants to come for dinner!? haha! Everything has been such a mess... and you can't see it but there are boxes of food all over the floor in the middle over there! It took me all week to get everything arranged and set up in the kitchen. The poor table looked like this for a while! 
Everything got put away eventually and now it looks like this!

 We did some super fun "eggsperiments" last week! The one is my favorite of the year! I haven't gotten a chance to post  the directions yet...we don't have internet at the new house yet! I'm about to go nuts! 
This one teaches Newton's first law of motion: Objects at motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Kids "Karate" chop the plate(object in motion) and the egg drops right into the cup (object at rest). 
The lip on the paper plate grabs the toilet paper tube while the egg drops directly into the cup! The kids love doing this! It takes quite a few eggs though! 
At the end of the nine weeks, our school does something fun for the kiddos. The first nine weeks is a school relay, the second is Christmas Bingo, and for the third: Game Day! We collect board games from each teacher and put kids in groups of about 15 students. They have about 45 minutes to play the games in their group! It is a great way to have the little students get to play with the older ones. It's a great time and a break from technology. Sometimes kids just need to play!
I wasn't assigned a group to monitor this year, so I was able to walk around and see what all my past kiddos were playing! 
We have been working on fractions the past two weeks. I love doing fractions! 
We went outside to make fractions with sidewalk chalk!
We made fractions with the consonants and vowels in our names! {This a freebie} in my {store} if you want to check it out! We used it like a Scoot game or Task Cards. Once they remember what is a vowel and what is a consonant, they do great! 
We also made some Fraction Friends from {Amy Lemons}! They turned out the cutest! 
This made me crack up! Do you get it!?

Have an awesome weekend!

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