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Book Character Day

Hey guys! Halloween can be such a fun time in the classroom. At our school, we don't let kids just dress up, we do a Book Character Day! This is one of my favorite days of the year!
My teaching partner/bestie {Primary Scribbles} and I like to make our costumes go together. The past couple of years, we joined 3rd grade to add to our mix!
Our neighbors around the hall, 4th and 5th grades always kill it with their costumes too! 
Our first grade teachers are a little more creative than everyone though I think! Miss Spicer will not tell ANYONE her costume until she shows up that morning! The kids can't wait to find out what she will be every year. 
For the record... The Cat in the Hat was actually for Dr. Seuss day, but it would have been perfect for book character day too! 
Almost a month in advance, we send home a letter for parents giving them a heads up for when our Character Day is going to be. The letter explains that students must have the book, and be able to tell about their character from the book. They have to send in a slip that states the book and character for the teacher to allow. 
The morning of Book Character Day, we have a school wide parade so everyone can show off their costumes!
I love that Book Character Day allows the kids to dress up at school while still being educational. After the parade calms down, I have my students show off their book and tell us something about their book to show they have actually read it before. I do the same with mine! 
Book Character Day is always right around Halloween time so costumes are easy to find. We also talk about how to be safe while Trick or Treating. This infogram from {Andy Mohr Kia} gives great tips to help you get the conversation started!

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