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Using Google Forms for Calendar Time

When I taught first grade, calendar is a HUGE part of the day, like a whole 15-20 minutes every. single. day. What is today? What was yesterday? What will tomorrow be? and so on and so on. When I moved to second grade, calendar didn't go away, but it did not need to be a big part of the day. I have been searching for a way to keep calendar time part of the day without making it too first grade-ish. 

Now that we are 1:1, I have set up my calendar time on {Google Forms}.  It is part of our daily morning work routine. Students are able to reach the calendar form through a {QR code} that is in the room. Students are required to tell their name, day of the week, how to write the date, weather report, and a daily question to start the day. This one is set up for the first week of school when we practice procedures. 

Are you new to {Google Forms}? They are very easy to set up! I use them for all kinds of things around the room. At the bottom of {this post} I have a video explaining how to set up your form!

<3 Aimee

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