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Thanks for checking out my freebies! Many of the freebies have a blog post to explain how I use them! Check out the posts, and grab the freebie while you are there! Keep checking back for more freebies!

{Read my Mind: A Word Wall Game}: This game is perfect for reviewing phonics skills and for familiarizing students with word wall words. 

{Book Talks}: Book talks are a wonderful way to let your students find out more about stories their friends are reading. 

{Blast Off!}: Blast off requires a dice and you are ready to go! Students will practice writing words using the dice. They are racing the words to see which one "blasts off" first!

{Fall Banner}: This is a cute fall banner that I used on my bulletin board this fall. It's perfect to print on card stock and use year after year. 

{End of the Year Review Book: SAMPLE}: This sample provides 3 half pages to review 6 different skills from my {End of the Year Review Book}. I can't wait to use this again this year...and not just because it means the end is near!:) 

{Candy Heart Writing}: This is a one page freebie where students can use the words on candy hearts to make sentences. 

{Lucky Bag Toppers}: These are the perfect fit to go on top of sandwich sized baggies. I like to fill the bags with Lucky Charms. These are perfect for the beginning of the year or St. Patrick's Day! 

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