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Read my Mind: A Word Wall Game

I LOVE for my students to know how to use the word wall, and get familiar with the words that are available. This game helps students get to know the word wall, while reviewing phonics skills!
Students need a {Read My Mind} page and a word wall! I like to start with an example, then let the kids try it out. 
YES, I know VOWEL is spelled wrong on #2...I was in a hurry giving clues:)

The top quarter is where I did an example. The rest are the clues I gave my students. The clues I give them should single down to ONE word on the word wall. I always start with which half of the word wall it is, first or last half. The first half is A-M and the second half is N-Z. Then I try to single it down. For each clue I give, students write a word that matches it and all previous clues. There are four clues. The fifth line is for writing the word it actually was. 

It is fun as a class, but would be better in a small group for the strugglers. I don't give prizes for having it right. When I have given the last clue,  I say, " Who thinks they know my word?" The kids raise their hand. I count to three and they yell out the word they think.

It's pretty entertaining for the teacher too!
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