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Word Work Fun with Blast Off!

One of my FAVORITE ways to practice spelling words is with {Blast Off}! You can use this with word wall words, spelling words, high frequency words, or whatever words you want your kiddos to practice! All you need is the {FREE Blast Off page}, a pencil and dice! This is a game where students focus on six words at a time. They will in the top boxes with six words. 
I like for my kids to play with a partner, but it can be done alone too! Students will take turns rolling the dice. For each number they roll, they will write the word that corresponds with the number!
Yes...I realize she looks like she rolled a 5 and is writing on 3, but it did get switched:)
Then it's a race of the words to see who gets to the bottom first! The student that rolls the winning word and writes it gets to yell, {"BLAST OFF!"} My kids like to go for a second place winner sometimes too...probably because when they finish they get to read! LOL
This is totally FREE in my {TeachersPayTeachers store}! Head over and grab it by clicking the button below! 


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