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Kwik Stix

"These are SO cool!"
"WOW! It's already dry Mrs. Rigsby!"
"I can't find the lid."
These are actual quotes from a couple of my students who were lucky enough to paint with our new Kwik Stix! {Kwik Stix} are a new way to paint from The Pencil Grip,Inc!
These paint sticks are virtually mess free!! They require no brushes or water. {Kwik Stix} are the size of a glue stick, which means so are the lids. (See quote 3 above!) These pictures have not been filtered, the colors really are extremely bright. There is no redipping the brush because you get a perfect stroke every time! 
You can color in small areas, like the flower leaves, and you can cover large areas, like the roof! 
My favorite part about these is that they dry almost instantly!!!!! No more lining pages up along the floor to dry and having someone step in it and track the paint all the way to the sink. It's wild how fast it dries!
I love how vibrant the colors are in her picture! The girls loved using {Kwik Stix}! It takes the hassle, the groans, and the mess out of painting in class! And clean up, just put the lid on!
So let me lay this out for you:
Pros of Kwik Stix:
-Quick drying
-No brushes, water, or smocks
-Great for little hands
-Bright, vibrant colors
-FAST clean up
Cons of Kwik Stix:
-Small like a glue stick...and we all know how long those last (because they get lost!), not to mention their lids.
To learn more, check out the video!

Now you have a chance to win your own sets of Kwik Stix! Once you and your kiddos try them, you will be crazy about them for sure! They really are so fun!

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