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How to Launch BUILD Math Centers Part 2

I love linking up with my friend {The Primary Gal}, and this time we are giving you the Summer Stock Up! I want to tell you ALL about my {BUILD} math groups! I have been incorporating BUILD into my regular math groups instead of using BUILD alone. Before I get ahead of myself...
I have told about how my {BUILD} groups work before, but since then I have altered my groups to better fit my teaching style and my students. I LOVE how BUILD fits in perfectly with helping students be independent and make their own choices. There are those times when they just don't make the choice I want (go figure right!? HA!), meaning they "accidentally" forget to do their Independent (which was usually Accelerated Math). So I had to break it down a little more specific for my "forgetful" kiddos.
I split up our week and each day has a new slide that tells what we are working on. Students were put into groups by me, based on the STAR math test and classroom performance. If you look closely, group 1 does not see me on this day. This is my highest group. I rotate them with the second highest group, group 2. They do the "teacher time" page on their own and just let me know if they have questions. I check it before they put it away. 
On Monday and Wednesday students rotate between Teacher Time, iPad, Computer, and BUILD. 
Teacher Time:
This is when I meet with my small groups and work on the skill that was taught that day. If a group does not meet with me, the higher groups, they grab their page during their BUILD time for an Independent activity. 
Students in the iPad group switch between Accelerated Math and games. The games we usually use are:
Splash Math
Math vs Zombies
Math Bingo
Teach Me 2
Math Magic
GeoBoard Math 
Students get to choose what game they play, but they are only allowed to use the Geoboard app during Geometry. 
When students get on the computer, they switch between Accelerated Math and ABCYA.com
Students are told ahead of time that they are only allowed in the math section on ABCYA during math time. From there, they are allowed to choose what activity they play. I encourage them to play the money games when we do money, and so on, but generally they make good decisions on what to play. 
Click here to check it out!
The best way to learn about BUILD is to click on the word in {}. This will take you to my previous post about BUILD. BUILD is my classes favorite part of math groups! They get to make their own choices about what activities they do.  Students use a BUILD tracker to keep track of the activities they do through out the week. Next to the letters, students write how many times they are supposed to visit each group. This helps me differentiate my Math group rotation. If you look closely, this student has written the number of times they are supposed to visit each group. This is determined by the monster page that is next to their folder. I fill this out at the beginning of the week for each student. This also helps prevent students from only doing Buddy Math each time they are in BUILD. 
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students switch between BUILD groups and Accelerated Math. 
To help plan my math rotation, I use my {BUILD Math Groups} organizer. This organizer really helps me stay on track and helps the kiddos know what they need to do. It also is a great aid in differentiating my groups. It is on sale through the weekend!Check it out by clicking the cover below!
Find out more about BUILD through my previous {BUILD post}! It really gets down into the details of BUILD. 


It's My Birthday Eve!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday!!! I LOVE my birthday and all birthdays in general! This year, I thought I would celebrate with a BOGO Sale!
This sale is happening now through June 19! Start shopping! Click the image above to head to my store! 

Teacher Pay Teacher Seller Challenge Week 1: Makeover Madness

I am sooooo excited to be apart of the TPT Seller Challenge. Each week we have to complete a challenge. This first week, the challenge is Makeover Madness. This is where we look through all of the products in our store and update the ones that need some love. I have been wanting to do this for a while now, so this is the perfect challenge!
I arrived to my 3rd page of products in my store and decided to give {Adding and Subtracting with QR Codes} a little makeover today!

Before the makeover, this product was just BORRRR-ING! The direction page was large and in charge. It was and still is 10 task cards. Some of the problems are more difficult than others. I decided to not add anymore cards. The outline around the cards was really the best I could do before I discovered how to use the frames. Then we went to the "TPT Beauty shop!" 

I dressed up the cover big time! I added a sparkly banner because why not!? I added my FAVORITE clipart, {Melonheadz} and some coins.  I also changed the frame that surrounds the cards. This really REALLY makes them look more appealing. Then I added a student response page, along with a teacher answer key! I have put these new and improved cards on sale for $1.00 for the rest of the week!  I can't wait to work on more makeovers this week! Check out {Third in Hollywood} to see even more makeovers(and some sales too!)! 

Two Truths and a Lie: All about Me!

I'm linking up with Teach Talk Inspire for Tell All Tuesday! This week we are getting to know a little about one another with a little game! I loved playing this with my friends when I was younger, Two Truths and a Lie! Here we go! 

1.  I love traveling! I have been to Italy(Florence and Venice), Boston, Mexico(Playa Del Carmen), Minneapolis, Nashville, and Florida(Bradenton). My husband and I would love to be world travelers and visit all seven continents. 

2. I grew up in a huge city. We lived right across from a big park and my mom would take me to play all the time. We were only a few streets away from the mall, so that is where I get my love of shopping!

3. My family loves animals. We have had so many different pets. Along with the usual dogs and cats, we have had a raccoon and chickens(at my aunts house), a squirrel(it ran up my dad's pant leg...so we kept it), a chipmunk, rabbits, and before I was born, my dad had an owl! 
Now you decide! Which is the lie: 1, 2, or 3? Leave me a comment! 
Want to join in!? Keep reading to find out how! 

With summer approaching, now is a perfect time to get to know each other!  There are so many new bloggers on the scene and we want a way to get to know each other.  Why not put a little spin on it?!  Let's get to know each other by playing "Two Truths and a Lie!" In your blog post tell us three "facts" about yourself.  Make two of them true and one a lie.  In the comments section your readers will guess which ones are true and which ones are not.  After three days, come back (in that same post or a brand new post, your choice) and tell us which one was the lie!  We can't wait to play along with you and learn something new about our readers and fellow bloggers!   

Here's how to join in on the fun:
1. Grab the picture and banner above and use it to link back to this post on your blog.
2. Write a post about the topic of the week.  This week is: Two Truths and a Lie: All about Me!
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Five Lessons I Learned from Having "That" Class

     Let me give you a little background history on my school year. The year before,  when these kiddos were in 1st, I would hear the horror stories from my friends in first. We would go get several margaritas after school because 1. They need to loosen up after a stressful day 2. I just like margs! Then it was my turn. A typical day in class included at least 10 minutes of silent lunch for the whole class, a few kids in workroom for recess, a couple of kids taking home spelling words to write 10 times each, a dozen tattle tales from three students, constant redirection from me(interrupting my small groups), and maybe on those super lucky days all corners in my room filled with noses while everyone else had their heads down. Of course after all that, I would still get I <3 Mrs. Rigsby notes on my desk every day. I felt like I was so mean to them all day long, and they tested my patience from the time announcements started to the time the last one left for the day. Why did they even like me!?
     I did have some really great, perfect students in class that followed directions, paid attention, tried their best, didn't rush, didn't bug me to death, students who I will miss. Then there are the others. Oh the others... This was the most challenging year of my 3 years of teaching(I know you veteran teachers are just laughing by now!)
1. Classroom Management:
Boy oh boy did I get some amazing classroom management experience. Since I had some prior knowledge of this group, I brought back my clip chart in connection with Class Dojo. This way students had a constant visual of their behavior. Some days, I would forget to even use the clip chart because they would have been on black, and no that color doesn't even exist! I would print out page after page of extra math practice, the most boring I could find. I would send home spelling words to write 10 times each(some grades went up for this reason). Students would write apology letters to others whom they had wronged, over and over. With some, it never seemed to help.
This was me... all year long, but wouldn't you know it, waiting worked! Picking out one student to receive a prize really helped straighten the others up. Yes, I used my candy basket to my full advantage! As I am preparing for next year, I'm still hoping to retire the clip chart once again and be full on Class Dojo. I'm also revamping my procedures for the first week of school too. Maybe we need to take a little longer to practice those procedures before I think they've "got it." We'll see!
2. Big Red is a LIFE SAVER:
Big Red is the best drink in the world. For those of you who are thinking, "What is this magical drink?" It is the most sugary, caffeinated drink I have ever had. I don't drink coffee, I drink Big Red. 
If I have a Big Red before lunch, it's been a rough morning. The caffeine boost gives me a little more patience and energy to handle my class. It sure was a life saver for me and my kids this year. If I was getting a little too snappy toward my kiddos, I would send one down to the pop machine room (yes we are a super healthy school) to get one for me. Days like the day before Christmas break often started with a Big Red before kids even set foot through the door. The worst part was the kids knew it!! They could tell I was getting a little grouchy and would ask if they could go get me a Big Red! LOL 
3. Teachers need timeouts too:
When I have redirected the same student 10 times, when I have heard the same tattles over and over(and all of this in a 3 minute time span), when I have had enough: I step out into the hall for about 30 seconds and B R E A T H. This little time out works wonders. It gives me a chance to gather my thoughts, calm down, and prepare to go back in to the world of my classroom. Some days the third grade teachers would just laugh, but don't worry gals, they are all yours now! ;)
4. The "buggiest" ones are usually who need love the most
I had a few gals that always came in "sick." As soon as they stepped into the room, it was," I don't feel good Mrs. Rigsby." or they would have something to complain about or tell me about, each and every day. Throughout the year I discovered one helps take care of her baby sister though the night. Another has an unstable home life and the only stability she had was school. The other was mostly ignored at home because mom was too busy with her younger brothers. They weren't bugging me to be annoying, they were bugging me because they wanted to talk to someone who would actually listen. I would try my best to not be annoyed(or at least not act annoyed) and to actually turn around to face them, instead of keep working on whatever I was doing. 
5. Now I am ready for anything!
This group has taught me that I can handle all types of situations that could come my way. Student gets sick at the lunch table, I can handle that. Angry student pushes a desk over...pshh I got this! I feel fortunate that I got this semi crazy group early in my teaching career for a couple reasons. First of all because it can't be any worse...right?! And second because I am now prepared for whatever could come my way! I feel like I made great strides in my amount of patience, classroom management, and in my ability to notice when I need to take a deep breath and count to ten!  I cannot wait to see what next years group of second graders will teach me! 

Wrapping Up the School Year with Success

Oh those precious last days of school!  We spend that time soaking up the last few moments with those wonderful, sweet kiddos you have had for the past 180 days. Let's just say I was a little more than eager to send most of my group on to third grade. My class spent our last few days working on {Tiny Task Cards}, drawing pictures, and driving the teacher plum crazy. Here's what happened!
When I was getting my lunch ready on the last day of school, I opened the fridge to find the sweetest note from my husband! He is just the best!
We finished up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. This is one of my most favorite books ever. The kids loved it and I loved telling them the story, and lets just mention that I got through the Oompa Loompa parts in a little more than one breath! 
Those parts were the most fun to read. We watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to wrap up our book study. Then we compared the book to the movie, these kids even compared this version to the new (super creepy) version. 
Speaking of super creepy, I found this not so little guy while I was getting my furniture off the floor. We have a list chores to do before we leave for summer break. One of them is to get all the furniture(that is possible) off the floor. While moving my binder shelf under my "desk", I SCREAMED. The kids were asking if I was okay, and what had happened. I am just thankful no bad words popped out of my mouth! He was bigger than the picture makes him look, I promise! No worries, I had an old planner that I threw on top and smooshed him! Whew! That was close!
Some sweet kids brought me some gifts! The purple bag had a candle, notebook, folder, and a cool pen inside. That flower smelled so wonderful! The pineapple cup was from a girl in {Cassandra's} class! How sweet was that!?! She even had a cute little card that went with it! 
Then I found this letter on my desk. Wow, just wow. I was speechless after reading it. You really don't know who you are having the biggest influence on, even in a rougher class like the one I had this year. I have put this in my portfolio, it is priceless. 
Almost all of the furniture was off the floor, just the chairs were left. What better way to get the chairs up than Musical Chairs! I put the Kids Bop Pandora station on and off we went!
When someone got out, we stacked up a chair! It was a lot of fun. Once the kids were out, an impromptu dance party began!
How funny are these guys!? As crazy as they made me, I will miss being their teacher.
Now, as I am blogging, I am about a mile away from the Mall of America! I have been shopping all week, and well, I'm broke! Phillip had to come up to Minnesota for work, and I was able to tag a long! It has been a great little trip of relaxing and shopping, I'll be ready to get back to TPTing when I get home! 

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