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How to Launch BUILD Math Centers Part 2

I love linking up with my friend {The Primary Gal}, and this time we are giving you the Summer Stock Up! I want to tell you ALL about my {BUILD} math groups! I have been incorporating BUILD into my regular math groups instead of using BUILD alone. Before I get ahead of myself...
I have told about how my {BUILD} groups work before, but since then I have altered my groups to better fit my teaching style and my students. I LOVE how BUILD fits in perfectly with helping students be independent and make their own choices. There are those times when they just don't make the choice I want (go figure right!? HA!), meaning they "accidentally" forget to do their Independent (which was usually Accelerated Math). So I had to break it down a little more specific for my "forgetful" kiddos.
I split up our week and each day has a new slide that tells what we are working on. Students were put into groups by me, based on the STAR math test and classroom performance. If you look closely, group 1 does not see me on this day. This is my highest group. I rotate them with the second highest group, group 2. They do the "teacher time" page on their own and just let me know if they have questions. I check it before they put it away. 
On Monday and Wednesday students rotate between Teacher Time, iPad, Computer, and BUILD. 
Teacher Time:
This is when I meet with my small groups and work on the skill that was taught that day. If a group does not meet with me, the higher groups, they grab their page during their BUILD time for an Independent activity. 
Students in the iPad group switch between Accelerated Math and games. The games we usually use are:
Splash Math
Math vs Zombies
Math Bingo
Teach Me 2
Math Magic
GeoBoard Math 
Students get to choose what game they play, but they are only allowed to use the Geoboard app during Geometry. 
When students get on the computer, they switch between Accelerated Math and ABCYA.com
Students are told ahead of time that they are only allowed in the math section on ABCYA during math time. From there, they are allowed to choose what activity they play. I encourage them to play the money games when we do money, and so on, but generally they make good decisions on what to play. 
Click here to check it out!
The best way to learn about BUILD is to click on the word in {}. This will take you to my previous post about BUILD. BUILD is my classes favorite part of math groups! They get to make their own choices about what activities they do.  Students use a BUILD tracker to keep track of the activities they do through out the week. Next to the letters, students write how many times they are supposed to visit each group. This helps me differentiate my Math group rotation. If you look closely, this student has written the number of times they are supposed to visit each group. This is determined by the monster page that is next to their folder. I fill this out at the beginning of the week for each student. This also helps prevent students from only doing Buddy Math each time they are in BUILD. 
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students switch between BUILD groups and Accelerated Math. 
To help plan my math rotation, I use my {BUILD Math Groups} organizer. This organizer really helps me stay on track and helps the kiddos know what they need to do. It also is a great aid in differentiating my groups. It is on sale through the weekend!Check it out by clicking the cover below!
Find out more about BUILD through my previous {BUILD post}! It really gets down into the details of BUILD. 


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