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Wrapping Up the School Year with Success

Oh those precious last days of school!  We spend that time soaking up the last few moments with those wonderful, sweet kiddos you have had for the past 180 days. Let's just say I was a little more than eager to send most of my group on to third grade. My class spent our last few days working on {Tiny Task Cards}, drawing pictures, and driving the teacher plum crazy. Here's what happened!
When I was getting my lunch ready on the last day of school, I opened the fridge to find the sweetest note from my husband! He is just the best!
We finished up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. This is one of my most favorite books ever. The kids loved it and I loved telling them the story, and lets just mention that I got through the Oompa Loompa parts in a little more than one breath! 
Those parts were the most fun to read. We watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to wrap up our book study. Then we compared the book to the movie, these kids even compared this version to the new (super creepy) version. 
Speaking of super creepy, I found this not so little guy while I was getting my furniture off the floor. We have a list chores to do before we leave for summer break. One of them is to get all the furniture(that is possible) off the floor. While moving my binder shelf under my "desk", I SCREAMED. The kids were asking if I was okay, and what had happened. I am just thankful no bad words popped out of my mouth! He was bigger than the picture makes him look, I promise! No worries, I had an old planner that I threw on top and smooshed him! Whew! That was close!
Some sweet kids brought me some gifts! The purple bag had a candle, notebook, folder, and a cool pen inside. That flower smelled so wonderful! The pineapple cup was from a girl in {Cassandra's} class! How sweet was that!?! She even had a cute little card that went with it! 
Then I found this letter on my desk. Wow, just wow. I was speechless after reading it. You really don't know who you are having the biggest influence on, even in a rougher class like the one I had this year. I have put this in my portfolio, it is priceless. 
Almost all of the furniture was off the floor, just the chairs were left. What better way to get the chairs up than Musical Chairs! I put the Kids Bop Pandora station on and off we went!
When someone got out, we stacked up a chair! It was a lot of fun. Once the kids were out, an impromptu dance party began!
How funny are these guys!? As crazy as they made me, I will miss being their teacher.
Now, as I am blogging, I am about a mile away from the Mall of America! I have been shopping all week, and well, I'm broke! Phillip had to come up to Minnesota for work, and I was able to tag a long! It has been a great little trip of relaxing and shopping, I'll be ready to get back to TPTing when I get home! 

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