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Flipping Second Grade Math

This year, my teaching partner{Primary Scribbles} and I have started to flip our math program. We were getting a new curriculum, and are now 1:1 with iPads, so what better time to try something else new! 
In a typical classroom, students are taught a new skill and given a small amount of time to practice their new skill. Many times, students don't get that small group teacher time because after the lesson, who has time to meet with five small groups? So they end up with what is supposed to be a few minutes of homework, but according to parents takes 5-7 hours[insert eye roll here]. This is where we decided to challenge ourselves by trying a Flipped Classroom. 

A flipped classroom is one where students do the {"homework"} at school and the mini lesson at home. Each evening, students have a short video to watch over the new skill we will be practicing the next day. 
Yes, this is at school, we have to practice first! 
My friend Amanda over at the {The Primary Gal} has an awesome video explaining how to make the math videos. They are really so simple! I just use PowerPoint to create the slides, save the PowerPoint as a JPEG, then upload them into my Google Drive.
From there, I use the {Educreations} app to record and annotate on my video!  Educreations makes it so easy to grab the pictures/slides from Google Drive. The last slide is always a practice slide. I have been printing out the last slide and sending it home for my kids to do. I never type directions for the practice slide, I always say them on the recording. This helps me figure out who is really listening and who is not. The funny part about that is the ones who don't do it also don't realize I show them the right answer after I tell them to pause the video! Here is an example of one of my videos.

You can find more of my math videos in my {TpT store}! Videos can be purchased individually or by bundle. I use these videos daily for my math instruction. The kids love it because it helps them take charge of their learning.

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