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1st Blogiversary Giveaway!

Wow! Can you believe it has been a year since Cassandra and I decided to start blogging?! I have loved sharing my life with you guys and giving you a peek at what a southern Indiana classroom does! I have also learned so much from my bloggy buddies. I have even brought blogging into my classroom!! Well, to celebrate, we have decided to have a little giveaway! Enter to win $10 to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and your choice of 3 Tiny Task Cards from Cassandra's store, Primary Scribbles!
Thanks for making this an awesome year!!
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Building Bridges with Index Cards

We got a little index card crazy today! The kids were challenged to build a bridge using only index cards and scissors, stuff we all have just laying around the classroom! We used the STEM pack from Teachers are Terrific.
First, we did some mini experiments with one index card and markers to balance. This was so the kids could understand the weight of one penny compared to ten or more.  Students did some preplanning for their own tower next!
I pulled sticks to put them in groups. I gave them fifty index cards and set the timer, which I later found out wasn't needed. Their bridge had to support at least ten pennies and be built across two reading books. 
These guys had accordion folded some index cards for the bottom. Then they tore their index cards to make the top part! Pretty smart I thought!
They were the first ones to accomplish the task!
They had to then tell me why their bridge was a success. The ones who couldn't quite get it figured out had to tell me why it wouldn't work.
I think it was really because they went a little folding crazy! This was such a fun activity. The groups that succeed were not the ones I expected. The ones who I expected to get it right away, never did get their bridge to work! It was a great way for students to show off their skills that aren't always utilized in the classroom. I loved it!

They are here: Stability Balls!

They are here!!!!!!

My Donors Choose project was funded right before Christmas, and half of my order came in!! (The other half is on back order...) I'm soooo excited to tell you guys about our new stability balls! I had our wonderful gym teacher blow them up for me. I guess I do not know what 18cm is because they are a lot smaller than I realized, but I think they will work perfect for the shorter kiddos that will need them. I only got five this round.
Before lunch, I gave a big speech over how to use the balls. I used the acronym STAY.

S-sit calmly on your ball
T-Treat your ball with respect
A-Always keep your feet on the floor
Y-Your ball is a privilege
The kids were eager to try them out. As I gave the students their balls, I reminded them of the rules. I have decided that this week, I will just do reminders(unless it is a serious abuse). Next week, when the balls are not being used correctly, I will take them away. 
See how small they are!?
I went to Wal-Mart after school for this girly. She NEEDS a ball, but this one is just too little! I got a 55cm one for her to try tomorrow! We have only had them half a day, and I already want a whole class set! When students were out of their "seat" for any reason, their ball had to be tucked under the desk. EVERYONE REMEMBERED!!
I am so proud of how my kiddos handled this totally new experience in our classroom. I hate that the others are missing out. I can't wait to figure out how to get more balls! I just loved seeing them on the desks at the end of the day. It makes the classroom look so much more fun and engaging than those old chairs! I may have to switch out my teacher chair for one... I was a little jealous!

(clipart from STAY if from Melonheadz!)

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Hey guys! I am linking up with The Teaching Trio to bring you a few of my faves for the week!
1. I just started using my Exit Tickets on Monday and they are a HUGE hit!! I love how the kids get ready to go quicker so they can get their ticket done. So far, I mean it has only been two days but, everyone of my students has been able to get their ticket done before leaving the room!! This is something I never thought would happen. I thought it would be like skinning teeth to get some of the kiddos to get their stuff together in time to do their ticket, but WOW. I have been so impressed!!

2. It has been pretty cold lately, but tomorrow is supposed to be crazy cold!! We got the text for a 2 hour delay just a couple hours after school was out today! I sure love 2 hour delays:)  They are even jean days for us! I will miss my prep, but it's worth the extra sleep, especially right after break! These kids are wearing me out like it's the first week after summer break! 

3. We started blogging right before break. Our first blog was about what they would ask Santa if they could call him. It was so much fun to read their comments back and forth. They are just so kind and supportive of each other. I sure hope that online attitude sticks with them!! That is one of my goals with integrating blogging in the classroom. When we got back, they were so eager to get back to blogging right away. We are doing fun posts for now so they get better at logging in, posting, commenting, and making good sentences online. By February, I want to start blogging about our reading story and doing math! I can't wait! The kids are catching on quick and teaching the ones who are struggling with the technology. It is just starting out to be such a great experience!
What are some of your favorite things this week!? Head over to the link up and let us know!

Introducing Exit Tickets!

Happy New Year
When we start back to school in a few days (Oh man!), I am introducing Exit Tickets to my students! I can't wait to get this started! 
Click here to check out my tickets!
If your room is anything like mine at the end of the day, it is almost complete chaos! Everyone knows the end result is to be ready to go, but no matter how much I try to have them go in a specific order, only a handful follow directions! We have only been late getting out one time this year, so I guess what we do is working just fine!
Check out the boy getting ready to run on the right side! It is just a little bit of a mess! Then I have kids who are following directions and have to wait, just standing by their chairs for five or more minutes. This is where my Exit Tickets are going to come into play!
After my students are all packed up and ready to go, they will grab their ticket from a basket on the horseshoe table in the back!
So far, I have addition, subtraction, and grammar packs ready. Each category has five cards(a weeks worth) to use. So the bottom ones are basic addition facts, there are five different tickets that cover basic addition. These can be done in one week or thrown in for a mixed review through the week! 

After filling out their ticket, which should take less than one minute, they will fold it once and stick it inside an empty Lysol container! Super easy to set up!

Then I can take a quick assessment on them when I get back to my room after dismissal. These are also set up to take less than five minutes to glance through and grade. This can help me form my RTI groups for the next day! 

I cannot wait to get this started in my classroom! What kinds of things are you implementing in the next semester?! 

Visit my TPT store to find my Exit Tickets! 

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