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They are here: Stability Balls!

They are here!!!!!!

My Donors Choose project was funded right before Christmas, and half of my order came in!! (The other half is on back order...) I'm soooo excited to tell you guys about our new stability balls! I had our wonderful gym teacher blow them up for me. I guess I do not know what 18cm is because they are a lot smaller than I realized, but I think they will work perfect for the shorter kiddos that will need them. I only got five this round.
Before lunch, I gave a big speech over how to use the balls. I used the acronym STAY.

S-sit calmly on your ball
T-Treat your ball with respect
A-Always keep your feet on the floor
Y-Your ball is a privilege
The kids were eager to try them out. As I gave the students their balls, I reminded them of the rules. I have decided that this week, I will just do reminders(unless it is a serious abuse). Next week, when the balls are not being used correctly, I will take them away. 
See how small they are!?
I went to Wal-Mart after school for this girly. She NEEDS a ball, but this one is just too little! I got a 55cm one for her to try tomorrow! We have only had them half a day, and I already want a whole class set! When students were out of their "seat" for any reason, their ball had to be tucked under the desk. EVERYONE REMEMBERED!!
I am so proud of how my kiddos handled this totally new experience in our classroom. I hate that the others are missing out. I can't wait to figure out how to get more balls! I just loved seeing them on the desks at the end of the day. It makes the classroom look so much more fun and engaging than those old chairs! I may have to switch out my teacher chair for one... I was a little jealous!

(clipart from STAY if from Melonheadz!)


  1. How do you get them to stay on top of the desks? My worry was always not knowing what to do with them when they're not being used.

  2. Getting the balls to balance on their desk was sheer luck! I think they are mostly balanced on the plug that they blow up with. That is kind of a flat part.


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