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Google Forms: Digging Deeper

     As I was navigating remote learning, one Google App I consistently forgot about was {Google Forms}. Forms can be such a valuable tool, but I couldn't think of a way to use it...so I did a deep dive (Office Ladies reference anyone?) and found so many useful ways to incorporate Forms into the traditional and virtual classroom. 
     I found 3 great ways that were simple to add into the curriculum: quizzes, a choose your own adventure, and an escape room. As a Certified Google Trainer, I am very familiar with the how these functions and activities are designed and work, but many others don't. I created a training to help others discover Google Forms and how it works. 

My trainings are so very different than the regular ones you have seen and been through. Mine are interactive and exploratory. As you work through the challenges, you will come out with three useable activities! I challenge you to play with the buttons, use the tools, and solve your problems as they arise. I don't just throw you into the pool though. 
I walk you through each step involved for the challenge. I give you a criteria for each challenge and links to videos of me doing each of those steps if you run into trouble. The challenges get increasingly more difficult and do require some preplanning. You can work at your own pace and you get a 2 hour Professional Development certificate at the end. 
If you are ready to dig deeper into Google Forms, head this way! {Google Forms: Digging Deeper}

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