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Creating QR Codes for your Classroom

We all LOVE QR codes! I stick them on everything I can. I use them for students to access stories online, for students to check answers on task cards, and for tic-tack-toe word work. They are literally everywhere!  The site I use to make my QR codes is {QR Stuff}. 

     They have a huge variety of QR codes you can create. You can link them to sites, videos, dropbox, and a lot more. The codes are sooo easy to make! There are four steps.
   Step 1:  The first step is to choose what type of QR code you want to make.  There are SO many options. I love using "Plain Text" to just tell students something they need to know. 
Step 2:
This is where you add the content that the QR code will link to. 
<----Plain Text <-----Website
These two are my most popular ones. You are able to link to images and PDF's, but that requires the paid subscription. I generally use Google Classroom for things like that though. 
Step 3:
This step is one I usually skip, mostly because I am printing on colored paper or in black and white anyway, there is no reason to color it.
Step 4:
Click "Download" and you are done! Your QR code will be in your downloads folder ready for you to use! 

Making QR Codes for your classroom is so simple! Give it a try, and increase your student engagement in a flash! 
<3 Aimee

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  1. I can't wait to be able to use these in my classroom one day, hopefully we will get that technology soon.
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