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Back 2 School- Behavior Management

This week I am linking up with Mrs. D's Corner and Miss V's Busy Bees for their back to school weekly linky! This week's topic is behavior management. I'm still a newbie on managing more than 20 students at a time. I like to joke that my behavior management stops there.(I have 25 this year so let's hope I can get it together!) Here are some of my tips on managing my classroom.
Whether you are using a clip chart, Class Dojo, coupons, or if you are like me, all three students need a visual. A display of some sort needs to be easily seen inside the classroom. Find out how I use them by clicking my clip chart!
I think seating can make or break your behavior plan. If you place the best, sweetest, quietest girl by her BFF, they WILL talk. Students are social, we just want them to be social at appropriate times! I use Happy Class App to help me in making my seating plan! It is a free program online and is awesome! You can pick which students should never be together, which should be close, which need to be near the front, or back, and if they just need to stay put! For more details, click the Happy Class App button!

This is my favorite(I am so sorry I have been sending you back to old blog posts! I have talked about my behavior management plans alot:) and the kids favorite behavior management tool! There is an app called Too Noisy. It has a free version, but you will want to pay the $2.99 for the full app! It is totally worth it! In the Pro version, when the students get too loud, it makes a horrible, awful, scary noise! (Which can be changed or you can even record your own.) Not only does the screen get black, the " weather" in the app changes and it looks like it is raining! When the alarm sounds, it also "cracks" the screen. 
It keeps track of students quietness (not making it go off) and gives them stars for not making it go off for 8 minutes in a row. The minutes can be changed to whatever you want your class to be. I use it to switch my groups too because it makes a fun noise when the students earn a star! When they get ten stars, it is a BIG deal! It does this ceremony thing that the kids love to watch! In conjunction with the app, when they get to ten stars we add a piece to our potato head. When all the pieces are on, we have a party! If you want more details( I know, another link back..)Click the app below!
Head back to Stephanie or Sara's page to link up your own behavior management tips! 


  1. I literally LOLed when you talked about sitting a quiet student next to her BFF... we've all been there and made that mistake. I mean, I've made it more than once. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I agree... seating is definitely an art and it takes time to find the perfect combination.

    That app is so cute! I can only imagine my life skills kiddos reactions when the screen cracks ... I kind of want to download the app just to see all the different screens and reactions. Call me a little kid at heart :)

    Thanks for linking up with us this week and for sharing your behavior management techniques! See you at next week's link up!


  2. Thank you for linking up with Stephanie and me for our B2S Linky!

    Okay… how did I NOT know about the Happy Class app?! I download apps like it's my job and this one never came upon me to download!! I love it and sooooo wish I would have had it last year when I was on a seat changing spree. I do agree with you, though, on the one student that's kind and sweet until you put her next to her friends. Theeeeen… not so much!! I'll SURELY be using the app next time around and cannot wait to see what happens with my classroom dynamics!

    See you next week to discuss our assessment strategies!!

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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