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Guided Math Book Study Chapter 8

After taking a break for a week because I was on a family vacation (we didn't have internet and barely any cell service where we were), I am back.  My family and I traveled to Table Rock Lake just outside of Branson, Missouri.  It was a well needed and deserved trip for us.

Now back to the book study.  This week's chapter was all about math assessments.  I'm going to be honest.  The only assessment I use during math is the assessment that comes with our math series.  I give the chapter test at the end and then move on to the next chapter and topic.  This chapter is helpful when listing several other types of assessments that could be used during guided math instruction.

Types of Assessments

  • Checklist
  • Rubric
  • Formative Assessment
No matter what type of assessment is chosen, descriptive feedback should be given to the students promptly.

One issue that the chapter discusses is that there really isn't a way to assess Guided Math Groups.  However, some teachers use checklists and rubrics for the groups as well.  How do you assess work completed in your math groups?  Do you assess or grade work completed in math groups?

Finally, how much assessment do you do during math time?  What types of assessments do you use?

Enjoy Chapter 8!  One more chapter to go.......

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