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My Beliefs on Education

Hi! I am linking up with The Primary Gal to tell you about my believes on education. This is a very important subject and is the basis for why I teach, learn, and do the things I do in my room. Everything I work for is because I believe in education and the power of a great educator. So here we go!

I became a teacher because I believe...
1. I believe all students can learn. Each student has their own personal way of understanding the material presented. This is why I like to have students make pictures, use manipulatives, talk to each other about the topic, use their classmates as resources to learn, and give students who are quieter their own special attention to make sure they can be comfortable with asking me questions. 
2. I believe the teacher is in the classroom as the facilitator of knowledge. We are in our classrooms to help students rise to their full potential. 
3. Having a safe and positive learning environment is crucial to a successful classroom. I never liked to ask questions. I struggled in math big time because I hated asking questions. I just didn't know how to ask what I needed to know, usually it was everything.  I need my students to feel like they can ask me questions and I try my best to be patient and understanding to their confusion. 
4. I believe in the students using technology inside and outside of my classroom. Students are going to school to become prepared for their future, whatever that may be. Technology is a huge part of today's world, and they need early experience with all different types of technology available. This will help their future teachers build upon their prior knowledge, not have to recreate it all the time. 
So what are your beliefs on education? How do you help your students rise to their full potential? 


  1. I totally agree, all students can learn...when a teacher takes the time to figure out the way they learn best! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Taking the time is a big deal for sure! Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Thanks for sharing a personal anecdote on the safe and positive learning environment. It really drives the point home!


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