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Guided Math Book Study Chapter 9

This was the final chapter to our Guided Math Book Study.  I enjoyed reading this book.  It was especially nice to see how others felt about the chapters too.  I gained a lot of knowledge that I didn't have before about math in general.  I learned about the concept of guided math.  

While I do guided reading on a daily basis, I never thought math could be done in such a way.  I guess I was making it harder then it really is (I usually do this)!  Now that I am finished with this book, what professional book should I read next?  Any great ideas?

A lot of changes are going to take place this upcoming school year with my math block.  

1.  First, I will continue to use Envision Math because this is what our school adopted.  However, I will use our daily topic as a mini-lesson that leads into independent work, math stations, and guided math.

2.  I have found math stations centered around Laney's ideas for independent or math station work.  My work stations will be:  math facts, math journals, math investigations, math center activities, math games, problem solving, and technology.

3.  I have taken the above topics and used them with The Primary Gal's Bubble Page

You can buy these from her teacher pay teacher store here for $1.00.  They are well worth the money if you are looking to differentiate instruction during work time.

4.  I am going to have guided math time with the teacher.  I am going to use many forms of assessments (checklists, rubrics, notes, formal assessments) to keep track of data and progress.  I will provide instruction during these math groups based on the results of the data from the assessments.

5.  I am creating a math bulletin board and focus wall in my classroom.  I can't wait to use it next year.  

6.  I have purchase the book Math Stretches by Laney Sammons to use during my instruction

6.  Finally, I will do more math warm-ups in the morning!  We have great pages with our Envision Series to do just that!  I will make packets for the kids to complete when they come in, in the mornings.

What does your guided math block look like?  What resources do you find helpful for math instruction?  Does anyone reading this use Envision Math?  What are your thoughts about it?  How do you incorporate this series into Guided Math and Math Groups?

I hope you enjoyed all of the posts and blogs related to Guided Math.  Have fun trying out new math ideas, concepts, and teaching methods in your class!  I can't wait to see how it is going!  We will be doing a follow up soon!  Stay tuned.....

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