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Measurement Olympics

We have been measuring like crazy in second grade! Students have measured everything from their shoes, to cabinets, to backpacks! *disclosure: I used my phone to edit my pictures (so they may suck) and create this post(so it doesn't have the links I would like)...without Internet in the new house I'm going a little crazy!
The kids are really loving this chapter! We decided it was time for our school to host the Measurment Olympics! Amy Lemons has an awesome measuring pack and blog post that led to this event. 
I gathered up the rulers, sidewalk chalk, and Cass had the cotton balls! We all headed outside! Students had to estimate first, of course, how far the cotton ball would go when doing specific acts to it. The acts were: kick it, flick it, toss it, blow it, push it, and free style.   Then they got to do it! 
They used the sidewalk chalk to draw the line from their feet to where the cottonball landed. They had so much fun with it! 
Everyone was really into measuring the distance and comparing it to their estimate. 
After that we had them get with a buddy and trace each other. Some of the tracings were pretty interesting!
Then they measured their arms, legs, and height from the drawing. They used a ruler to measure their actual foot and a finger. 
We have been testing( Terra Nova and DIBELS) allllllll week. This gave us a trip out of the classroom and a chance to get some fresh air! It was much needed!  We also took a trip to the fire station and for some ice cream around town. If I tell you all about that now, my thumbs may fall off from texting it! 

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