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Class Dojo

{Class Dojo} has TRANSFORMED my parent communication! It is also an amazing behavior incentive. Class Dojo is available as an App(iPhone and iPad) and online. Once you put all your students' names in, they each get a personal username and password, so do the parents! Class Dojo uses little monster avatars. With these names and passwords, they can personalize their avatar. The kids love it!

Class Dojo has students earn points for positive behaviors and lose points for negative behaviors throughout the day. The teacher can customize these behaviors.
The teacher also has the choice of how many points each behavior can be worth, up to five points! This goes the same for negative behavior. Bullying is worth losing more points than talking out of turn. 

When a teacher wants to recognize a positive or negative behavior, they can click the students name and check the behavior. Positive behaviors make a ding noise and the negative behaviors get a low oops sound. The student name pops up at the bottom to show what the noise was for.  I keep Class Dojo up on my Promethean Board, as well as my Ipad and cell phone. The students add and take away their points themselves in my room.

Students get rewarded based on how many points they have. We have ours get a reward for every ten points.  I also set a whole class goal of 500. When we reach the goal, the students get a theme party, like popcorn and a movie.

I have coupons for students to "cash" in when they earn one. They are able to save the coupon and use it when they want to! 
10- Bring money for a snack from the snack machine.
20- Use a pen or marker instead of a pencil
30- Bring a stuffed animal to school
40- Wear a hat in school
50- Read a book to another class
60- Choose a student to sit by at lunch
70- Bring something for show and tell
80- Get an recess
90- Fifteen minutes of free iPad time to play any app they want
100- Switch second grade rooms for Daily 5 time

I also let students switch out coupons for a lower reward. Many of the girls don't care about wearing a hat at school. They would rather bring a stuffed animal again! No problem! As long as it is a reward they have previously earned, I let them switch. {Click here} for a free sample of coupons! The full (cuter) set is available in my {store}!

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