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Wrinkled Heart Activity

By far, one of my favorite activities to do at the beginning of the year is the wrinkled heart activity. I start by giving students a print out of a big heart. If I am super prepared, I will cut them out of construction paper, but that was not the case this year! I tell students to draw things they love inside their heart. 
They cut the heart out when they finish. We all get in a circle and share things we love. I extra love this activity because it is an awesome get to know you activity, as well as a kindness lesson. After everyone tells what they love, we wad our hearts up! This usually gets a lot of sad looks or complaints. 
With some pushing, they all wad up their heart. You may have to remind them not to rip their heart because we don't want it to be a broken heart! Then I challenge them to unfold their heart and try to get the wrinkles out. 
     Unable to get the wrinkles out, we talk about how it hurts when someone says something mean to us or makes fun of something we love or enjoy. I tell them it puts a wrinkle in your heart, just like paper.      
     When you have a wrinkle in your heart, they are hard to get out, basically impossible. Throughout the year, I have students telling each other they put a wrinkle in their heart or telling me about someone putting a wrinkle in their heart. I love using this to remind them to be kind to each other and use kind words. It's a wonderful activity to get students to grow together as a class, as well as learn a little about your new kiddos! 

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