Workout While You Work!

I love to fit in my clothes. I won't say I love to workout, but I am a teacher! I cannot afford to buy new clothes all the time, even though I argue the opposite to my husband every chance I get. Between the 26 birthday parties at school and the yummy treats in the lounge, it's hard to make good choices! So I just try to work it off later. In the summer, I am outside CONSTANTLY. I'm moving, sitting, swimming, laying out, whatever I'm doing: I'm doing it outside. 

Now that it is cold, I can't just go outside and move around like I need to. To keep active in the winter,   I got this Surf Shelf from Amazon so I can take my work with me on the treadmill! (Disclaimer: I am not part of the Surf Shelf Company nor do I benefit from blogging about it. I'm sure there are similar products that do the same thing, this is just the one I have!) My laptop sits right on the shelf and a velcro strap helps keep it in place. It looks like it would be too tall, but I am 5'4" and it's perfect! 
I can type, create, and work all while getting my steps in! It keeps my mind from thinking about all the walking/running I'm doing and helps me to not get bored. My husband, who works from home, loves using it for typing his reports too. 
I paid around $35.00 for the Surf Shelf on Amazon, and it is worth every penny! Now I don't have to put my computer down when I need to go workout! The company say they fit on almost all treadmills, and the shelf could also be used for grading, like a table! It is one of my favorite things in the winter to keep me active in this cold weather! 


  1. This is so nifty. I have thought how many times it would come in handy to have something available to hold your lap top. I hope I would be coordinated enough to use both at the same time - ha!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

    1. Ha! It is harder if you start running, but with practice I have gotten better!

  2. Thanks for this post! I just ordered one for myself with a gift card my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. I have been wanting something like this but have been hesitant to order. This helped me decide to go for it. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

    1. My husband and I really use it a lot! You're gonna love it! Merry Christmas!


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