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Classroom Management App

I have found the BEST classroom management app! It has worked wonders with my chatty second graders. They love it and so do I! It is called {Too Noisy}.
     There is a lite version, which is free, and a pro version that is $3.99. It is so worth it! The difference, well main difference, is the meter. The free one uses the meter to gauge how loud the classroom is. When the class gets too loud, it gets black. Each version has a setting to change how sensitive the meter is.

     The Pro version does this and so, so much more! In the Pro version, when the students get too loud, it makes a horrible, awful, scary noise! (Which can be changed or you can even record your own.) Not only does the screen get black, the " weather" in the app changes and it looks like it is raining! When the alarm sounds, it also "cracks" the screen. This version also lets you change the background and the look of the meter.
When students have good sound levels.

When sound levels are pushing it.
    The best part about this app is it gives stars for every few minutes ( how every many minutes you want) of the app not going off! I have mine set to eight minutes.The students love earning stars! Each time they get ten stars, there is a star ceremony, which makes a big deal and ceremony noise at the tenth star. When my students get ten stars, they get to put another piece of our potato head on!

When the alarm goes off.

This app is so customizable! 
The settings allow you to change not only the sensitivity, but you can reset the counter that counts the times the app goes off. You can also take stars away or add stars manually.  I can't say enough great things about this app! I just love it!

This is so customizable!

I have rewards for the ten starts, but I also have consequences for the amount of times it goes off.
     Last week, our first full day of trying it, the alarm went off ten times! I had the students peel ten crayons with zero talking for this. I just have so many ice cream molds for making fun crayons! I need those crayons peeled somehow:)    
     Today it only went off twice. They owed me one whole minute of hopping in place and one whole minute of total silence.
To find out more, head over to {iTunes} and download the free version for yourself!


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