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Surface Tension Science Experiment

What would happen if you mixed dish soap and milk? This was the question that we began with for our weekly science experiment. We began with a flipchart on the scientific method. Then we watched a video on {BrainPop} about it.  Finally we got to the fun stuff!
We used the {Science Notebook} from my friend at {Classroom Confetti}. 
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We began by writing the question and stating our hypothesis.
I loved seeing all the ideas of what would happen. Some said explode, others said change color like red or blue. I did use Dawn dish soap, so blue wasn't a bad guess! Then we listed our materials. This is such an easy and fun experiment! The materials we needed were: milk, a bowl, dish soap, and food coloring. 

Then we came up with a couple of safety tips. For students to be able to see the breaking of surface tension, they needed to leave the drops of food coloring still. So our first rule was do not bump the bowl. The second one was do not drink it. 
See that grass by the dollar? That was his pet grass! haha! I loved it!!! He had it ALL day!

Then I put the kids into smaller groups on the floor so they would be able to see better.

I had another student who had mentioned the experiment the week before. I told him he could be my helper, so he and I walked around and put the drops of food coloring into the bowls.  Then I walked around with the soap. 

The kids gasped and some blinked and missed it!  I loved being able to watch it seven times too! #teacherperks 
The was the second it hit the milk! How cool!
As a group we discussed why the soap made the colors jump. We had answers like it scared the colors to when you mix two liquids they separate. I was impressed with their thinking. I used a rubber band and scissors to explain how surface tension works. I had two students hold a rubber band and pull it apart. Then I cut it with the scissors to break the tension. They loved it! I can't wait for our next experiment.

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