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Dyed Clothespins

I tried out dying clothes pins and I just loved how they turned out! I used food coloring instead of the dye. Food coloring made the clothespins a little dull instead of a bright color.

Here is how I did it!
Step 1:  The first thing I did was get food coloring, vinegar, and plastic cups. I filled the cups with half vinegar and half water. The cup needs to be about half full or less. If it is too full, the clothespins will cause it to overflow! (Trust me..) It is about the same way you would make dye for Easter eggs.  Then I put about 20 drops of color in each cup. The yellow ones didn't turn out because they just looked like dirty regular colored clothespins. Adding some red may help, but I haven't tried it that way.
Step 2: Put the clothes pins in. I split them up by putting one in each cup until I was out of clothes pins. Then I filled four more red cups with some water to stick on top. The clothespins float, so I needed a way to keep them down. I let them soak this way for a full day. 
Step 3:When I took them out, I clipped them to a 12 pack box to keep them up right to dry. I let them dry for a full day before I took them to school. That picture is at the top!

When I took them to school, I had my high school helper hot glue thumb tacks to the clothespins. I use them on my math board so I can easily switch out math vocabulary and strategies! 

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