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Pumpkin Spice Play Dough

A lot has been going on lately, I have missed being able to share! I am taking a "study break" from my master's finals to tell you about when we made pumpkin spice play dough...or we tried! Oh yes, another tale from Mrs. Rigsby's books of fun but fail!
We used Marshmallow Creme, which should have been my first sign, powdered sugar and pumpkin pie spice. Super easily accessible ingredients! 
I sorted the kids into groups and handed out the pans.We started with just the sugar. If you DO still want to try this, I would recommend starting with the marshmallow creme first. 
Then I walked around and added the marshmallow creme...and off they went!
They were supposed to be able to keep mixing and mixing until it became dough like. It never became dough like for us, but boy it was fun!
This poor guy had it all up his arm...The hair was still sticky after several washes!
They kept trying and trying to make the dough. I added even more creme and then I walked around to add the spice. If we are getting messy, we might as well smell good!
The kids were real troopers when it came to cleaning up. They took turns cleaning the floor and did a great job sharing the sink. Next year, I believe this is another experiment I will be skipping:)

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