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Christmas in Room 107

We celebrated Christmas all Friday long in our classroom! It was Polar Express/Pajama Day for second grade. The kids could bring their sleeping bags, slippers, stuffed animal, and wear their PJ's to school.
I had one boy who looked at this big ol' pile and said, " I wish that were cake." HA! I love my students! They never fail to make me laugh!
We made Christmas tree ornaments for our classroom tree and to take home. I put all my foam pieces on the floor and let them grab ten items to put on their ornament. 
They turned out really cute! I hope their parents like them!
Ignore the pencil marks on the desk...
Our tree had a lot going on by the time all the ornaments got on there, but it was the best tree I have had in the three years I have been teaching! I loved it!

I gave the kids their gift from me. To get their gift, we played a right left game, when I would say the word "right" in the story, they had to pass their gift to the right. When I would say " left", they would have to pass it to the left.  Then I let them play with them. 
Their gift was those scratch off pages that has a colorful background so when they scratch them off, you see all the different colors. They LOVED them! I even gained a few pictures for my desk:)
After lunch it was time to party with food and The Polar Express movie! While the kids were at recess, Cassandra and I made the huge pot of hot chocolate! 
We had our snacks before heading to the movie. Our parents were so generous this year with the snacks, drinks, and treat bags. No one went home hungry, and maybe some went home with a belly ache...

Then we loaded up the train to go watch the Polar Express in Cassondra's room.

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