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Oh, Snap! It's almost September

Hey guys! I'm linking up with my friends in Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals for another "Oh, snap!" link up! This link up is full of products that are geared toward September. I want to tell you all about my {"Back in the Groove"} beginning of the year review book!
This book is filled with math and phonics pages to help you find out right where your new kiddos are with their skills. It also helps the students get back into the school mindset.  
There are simple addition and subtraction pages along with time, money, fractions, and word problems. 
Students will also practice writing numbers in words...which is a skill that still needs practice, well spelling at least!  There are also pages that review each long and short vowel. These are not all the same so students won't get bored highlighting or sorting.
When my students were working, I noticed that we really needed to hit on those vowel sounds again. After they did Sounds of A, it seemed to go much smoother too, so maybe it was a refresher for them!
{Back in the Groove}is on sale for half off through Sunday!! Be sure to check it out! I have been using it for morning work to get their minds going for the day. Check out the other deals we have happening for September! 

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