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First Month of School=Busy! (Five for Friday: September 4)

Wow! What a super busy month I have had! I hope you have had a great start to your school year! I can't wait to tell you all about what we have been up to! I'm linking up with {Doodle Bugs Teaching} to give you my Five for Friday!
Here we go!
Our school was able to finally get a subscription to {IXL}! In my room, I use IXL for RTI small groups. My students are able to review skills we have recently covered. They have a math and language arts program! The kids seem to really enjoy it so far. The only issue I have with IXL is the program doesn't have the option for students to have problems read to them. The beginning of second grade is a little rough with the reading everything on their own. With this being RTI time, I am also meeting with my group and just cannot read all the questions to the kiddos. 
I am not ashamed to admit I let a former second grader, current third grader, grade our math morning work for me! Luckily, he just had to make sure the work was completed! Morning work always includes a math review page from the lesson the previous day. Students take turns going to the board to work the problems after work time is over. As long as students follow along and fix their mistakes, they get full credit.

We have went noun crazy! One of my favorite beginning noun activities is to label the nouns around the classroom! I hand out 5-6 Post-Its and set the timer! They scramble around the room, covering it in Post-Its! It is so fun!
All the nouns in my room stood out, bright and orange! Even if mouse was spelled moose! Close enough!
Last year, I had a little bit of a {rough crew}. I was totally exhausted each day, many margaritas and bottles of wine were consumed, and boy was I grouchy! They were totally wild! This year, my kids are ANGELS, almost all 17 of them! My groups are so peaceful and switching gears goes so smooth! They listen to what I say, at least by the second time I say it! I just LOVE it! Look at these kiddos in the picture: ACTUAL BUDDY READING HAPPENING HERE! This was the view of my room all over!! All the kids were EEKK, taking turns, and reading (not all that quietly, but they were reading!)!! This year is going to be amazing, I know already!
Confession: I have owned one pair of tennis shoes since...senior year of high school...they were cheer shoes. My friends make fun of my shoes anytime I workout(which is not often) and beg me to buy new ones( Megan, you are welcome!). Well, I finally (after 10 years) got some new kicks! I love them so far! WAYYY less embarrassing than the cheer shoes! I still only wear them at home when I run, and never in public( I have an issue with my feet and tennis shoes), but I have new ones!
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