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Boost the Writing Process in Primary Grades

Hey guys!  I want to tell you about my favorite writing product that is my lifesaver...basically every week! When I teach writing, I like to have a routine. This pack follows the writing process perfectly!
First, I like to have students practice stretching out sentences. This is a great exercise to help students create more detailed sentences. 
We do several together before I give them the little sentence and they stretch it themselves. My kiddos love seeing how many words they can get in their sentence. 
After brainstorming, which this pack has two webs to choose from for brainstorming, we move onto our rough draft. Students have to have a topic sentence, three details, and a closing sentences. These are labeled in the rough draft section. 
I also have an editing checklist that includes my sentence rules. We practice editing our pages with a colored pencil so they can see the changes that need to be made. Students can also make notes about their mistakes. 
I love his ciduve=kind of! Sometimes I like to grade their editing instead of the final piece. This helps me know if they are really taking the time to fix mistakes or just rushing through this part. 
These are available in my {TPT Store}!

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