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Pencils Through a Baggie of Water?!? No Way!

This was one of my FAVORITE science experiments we have done this year...and it was totally last minute!
Sharp pencils, must be sharpened to a point!
Baggies that can hold water
Optional: Bowl, you know, just in case.
Fill the bags 3/4 of the way full
Sharpen pencils
It seriously is one of the lowest prep science experiments we have done ever! 
I had one student hold the bag while another poked their pencil through. The trick is to go slowly!
I tried it with more baggies than I would like to tell, just because it was so much fun!
The kids LOVED sticking their pencils through the bag. They did a great job going slow, and not poking each other with those super sharp pencils! Explaining how it worked got a little tricky since they are pretty young, but I did my best:
The baggies are made of plastic. The plastic is made of a special kind of material that makes it easy to shape and hold things. I took a baggie and stretched it out real thin so they could see that the plastic was very durable and stretchy. When we poke a hole through the baggie with the pencil, the plastic is going around the pencil and not letting a hole be made. This is what keeps the water in!
I tried my best to explain how polymers work in words that a 7/8 year old could understand.
They loved it and had fun! I loved the lack of mess, easy prep, and low maintenance experiment!



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