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HUE Animation Studio

We got a chance to try out the {Animation Studio from HUE}! I was so excited to get this out in the room. We have so much technology as it is, students are so quick to pick up on anything new I throw in! 
The {HUE Animation Studio} comes with so many ideas for you to try in class and integrate in your classroom! There are also so many "props" included. I was really impressed at the backgrounds, which are in a PDF, for you and the kids to use. The first one we decided to try was the beach background! I just pulled it up on my computer and minimized the video recorder. 
I picked three students to try it out first. I gave them the task of finding an item around the room to help tell a beach story. They decided to use my Cutie! One made eyes and then tried to make a swimsuit with Sharpies...That was interesting to eat at lunch! They placed the orange on a hand to make it a little higher than the icons at the bottom of the computer. 
One was in charge of moving the Cutie, one student was in charge of making sure the camera was positioned right, and the other was in charge of taking the pictures. They decided to make the Cutie walk across the beach and jump into the pool. 
(Keep in mind this was our first try with the Animation Studio. My goal was to see how well my students would be able to use the equipment and create an actual video.)
Shot by shot, that Cutie scurried across the beach!You can see in the very bottom left corner is the screen to take the pictures. The screens are split. The left screen shows the picture you just took. The right screen shows a shadow of the last position you were in so you can make it step by step like the cutie was walking across the beach! It was fun to watch the kids trying to get it so close so the Cutie actually looked like it was walking.
We added a little Google Classroom action and the students were making notes about what the Cutie was doing on a Google Doc. Overall this was a great addition to our classroom! Students will be putting together mini animations in no time! 

Installation- This was SIMPLE to install! I have installed it on a PC and on a Mac. Both are easy peasy! You can have the {HUE Animation Studio} up and running in no time! 
Engagement- Obviously my students were so excited and interested in creating a short video. 
Integration- Making animations can be integrated in reading (beginning, middle, end, describing plot, etc...) math (telling time, teaching skills to other students to affirm knowledge...) science, or just using their own imagination to create something!  
Accessories- HUE provides you with a book that gives you detailed instructions on things you can create! One of my favorites was the No Handed Eating! There are also a TON of PDF's that provide backgrounds and cut outs. There are also sound effects! They seriously give you all the tools you need to make a successful animation. 
Book of ideas
Time- It is time consuming to create a full video. You take a picture, then move your object a little. Take a picture, then move your object a little more. This repeats until you have a few seconds of video. For students to do this in class, I would have to have one group do a project a week instead of letting everyone rotate to use it in one day.
You can get a {HUE Animation Studio} on Amazon, and even better.... they are Prime!

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