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3 Reasons I use Math Videos

    The first series I taught with was Pearson. We would watch a video "over the lesson," I would then pause the video multiple times to reexplain what the video was trying to teach them. When the video was over, we would do several problems together, then finally go to groups. After a couple years doing this, I thought there had to be a better way. A way to use time better, a way to explain to the students better, and a better way for students to take learning into their own hands. 
Here are my 3 reasons to use math videos!

1. " I just don't get this "new math. Why can't they teach the normal way?" 
     Hearing or reading this on Facebook makes me instantly angry, as I'm sure you can relate! Math videos that are accessable to students outside of school will give parents NO reason to say they don't understand, they just need to watch the video along with their student! Videos can be made accessable through a QR code, {Google Classroom}, or simply by sending the Google Drive link over {Class Dojo} or email. 
     Of course, this won't stop the complaints completely, but when you see Parent A complaining and Parent B ask what their problem is because they watched the math video and can help, it sure makes you feel good! 
2. Reteaching
    Students have good days and bad days. Days they focus and pay attention and days full of distraction and daydreaming. Having math videos accessable to students allows them to rewatch the parts or the whole video if they need to. They are amazing for helping absent students keep up with the curriculum too. 
    When it comes to regrouping, there are days students know it inside and out. Then a week later, nothing, like they have never heard of it! Math videos can be used to refresh their memory during their work time. They can be used in small groups, individually, as homework in a flipped classroom, or even for morning work!  
3. Videos save time!
    I am able to set up my math block to center around my small groups by assigning math videos for homework, morning work, or one of my groups itself. By having students watch the videos individually, I have more class time to work one on one with struggling students or expand the lesson with the high learners. 

    In my classroom, our homework/work page has a QR code on it that can be scanned with any QR reader. The code goes to a Google Drive link where the person scanning has access to the video. I also have videos loaded into Google Classroom individually (without the work page) in a Math Video Library class. 

Interested in math videos? Check one out for yourself! 

Want to see more math videos? Click below! 

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