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Online Communication:Blogging in the Classroom

If you have followed me for a while, you know I am crazy about kids blogging in the classroom. I cringe with I see Facebook posts or other online articles written with poor grammar. I think blogging will help students learn the proper way to communicate online and help with their writing skills while doing it!
I have went on and on and on about the site {KidBlog}. I have blogged about in my summer {Techy Tuesday} posts, if you missed it, be sure to check it out! I have a great freebie about how to get started in your own classroom. 
We have finally begun our own paper blog in class!
I tried to make their paper blog look like the actual blog post page. The white sheets are their blog papers, the post its are the comments! Students must use a complete sentence in their initial post. Then the comments need to be more than one word. 
Some of my favorite comments:
Love the invented spelling!
They were so positive and loved making comments.
O.M.G i Love it. -what more can I say! 
If you want to start your own paper blog, draw it up on poster board. Then use my {free blog post paper} and gather up some Post-its! We began the week before Halloween and after Thanksgiving break will be going online, live! This kids and I can't wait!!

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