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STEM with Gummy Pumpkins

While looking around on Pinterest, of course, Cassondra found this great STEM activity for us to do during Fall Parties! Click here to read the original post. Students started with finding a game plan.
I did not create this page.
We were going over this page while I was carving the tops off of pumpkins. This was my way of getting an extra 20 minutes to finish them up! Students were challenged to build the tallest tower with a box of toothpicks and one tub of gummy pumpkins. I randomly chose students to be in groups and they got to discuss their plans together. Then I set the timer for 20 minutes and let them go!
Some students had great ideas of working on a base, because it's all about that base you know;) As I walked around the room, I saw and heard several different different ideas. The students were not as confident in this tower as they were in our cup staking challenge

This tower was a mess of tower, but would stand on its own!
This group was getting the right idea! 
These guys were working separately to create their own towers to put together.  Overall this activity was a little bit of a bust for my class. They enjoyed trying, but no one was very successful. But by the time they were done, so was I with the pumpkins and then the bigger mess began!

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