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Adjective Scoot

We have been doing adjective activities most of the year! I love when my students are more descriptive in their writing! This week, I was looking for a new craft for the kids to do with adjectives. I found the coolest pack on Teachers Pay Teachers! Best part: it was a free one!
Yes, I know it says holiday sweater and boy do I wish I had found this before Christmas, but there were so many sweater options that weren't Christmasy that I had the kids pick from! They had to color their sweater with 3 star coloring. Then they glued it to a piece of white construction paper. This is were my brilliant idea came in;)
I laid out all the sweaters on the desks, I didn't care what desk. Then we played a scoot game with them! The kids had to come up with one adjective to describe each sweater. The trick was it couldn't already be on the paper! The first few rounds were easy! Then it started it get tough!
I had them sit down in the seat and stand up when they were finished so I would know when to have them switch. We have never done an actual "scoot." I usually have them do Scoot cards Task Card style so they can take the time they need. I was so proud of how well the scooted all around the room. It was so much fun watching them!

I can't wait to use these sweaters before Christmas so we have so many more options! My students will love it! 

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