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Valentine's Day Science Fun

This teacher knows how to throw a Valentine's Day party! We started with an experiment!

The materials we used were just things I found under my sink or in the fridge! It's hard to believe that the hardest part was finding cups that were clear, without going to buy some of course. Who wants to go the easy way out! It was just too cold for a Wal-Mart trip:)
-clear cups
-candy hearts (or really you can use any holiday themed candy like candy corn for the fall)
-salt water
-regular water(to compare)
- Peroxide 
I had the kids come up and put some hearts in each of the beakers/vase(Yes, I had to use a vase, because again, COLD! ha!) If I were to go get cups, I would have put the kids in groups, but I knew we were going to be pressed for time and the kids were antsy for the party anyways!
The kids made initial observations on what was happening in each of the cups. Then I let them open their Valentine's! 

I had them make observations through out the party to note any changes. I loved hearing their conversations about what was happening in the cups!
Some noted that "There are bubbles in the Sprite, but not in the Coke." Another said, " These may start dancing like our raisin experiement!" 
They just look like little scientists! I love it!! And what would a classroom party be without a little mess!?! I just had to laugh when the kids told me about the spill. By that part of the day, boy was I Valentined out! The kids had a great time and made some awesome observations from our experiment! 

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