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French Lick Blogger Meet-Up

A couple weekends ago, I had the amazing opportunity to meet some of my favorite blogging buddies! We took over French Lick Resort and just had an awesome time! Thanks to Holly and Brittany to putting it all together! Those ladies did SUCH an awesome job!!! Here are my highlights!

1. I am one of the lucky ones who gets to teach with some of my best buds so we car 
The Primary Gal, Me, and Cassondra

2.While we were introducing ourselves,  letters were passed around. We were supposed to write our names, blog, favorite thing to teach, and something else(great memory, right!?) on the LETTER. They said they were letters...
Okay, okay, looking at the picture, I can totally see the exclamation mark. But we swore it was a lower case i! Sooooo we all wrote on it upside down!! It sure gave us a good laugh when we finally realized! 
The weekend was sure inspirational! 
3. I loved getting to meet Melissa from Mrs. Daily's Classroom! She is so sweet and totally one of my blogger besties! Can't wait to see you in Vegas girl!

4. Another awesome part about the meet-up was all the teacher swag we got to bring home from the sponsors! They were all so gracious with their donations!

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