STEM: Peep Mobile

Whew! Moving into a new house, without Internet, sure takes a lot of time! I finally have a chance to blog since we are literally watching the grass grow! For Easter, my sweet mother makes us Easter baskets full of goodies! This year we had a bunch of five packs! So I took them to school and made good use of them!
We took a page from Smart Chick to set up our Peep Mobile race. I had to cut all our cardboard pieces before we could begin. 

Lifesaves(Wintergreen sure makes the room smell good!)
1 Peep wide piece of cardboard
one piece of printer paper
I had the kids gather their supplies. They didn't get a Peep until their car was done. Then it was time to lay down the rules!
Smart Chick has the easiest, kid friendly directions to post in the classroom for students to review! I loved that they kept going back to check the challenge rules while they were working. 
The Challenge:
Students were challenged to create a mobile that would hold a Peep and go the furthest in three puffs of air. We practiced filling our lungs and getting the most air in one puff. I gave students 30 minutes to design and make their mobile. They worked really hard on their designs. 
One issue some of the kiddos were having was keeping the "wheels" on the straw. This was about the only problem that arose in the designs. I tried to give them a hint, but I also wanted them to figure it out themselves. 
My room was full of little engineers! 
Then it was time to start racing! I had 5 or 6 kids race in the hall at a time. They had a starting line their mobile had to be behind. When I said go, they had to do three puffs of air to see how far they could get their mobile.
Some went crooked, some didn't go at all. There was one that went pretty far down the hall considering they only used three puffs of air. You bet it was one of the kids that is just full of hot air to begin with! 
Then there was this one...
He said, " You always tell us to do our best, so I did!" 
This was a fun way to spend our Friday afternoon. The kids look forward to their weekly STEM project every week. They come in on Monday asking if we can do science this week. I love that they get so engaged in our STEM activities. 


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